Protection lawyers throughout the province set to extend job motion

Defense lawyers across the province have voted to extend phase one of their job action in a dispute with the Alberta Government. File photo taken outside of the Lethbridge Courthouse. (Photo: LNN)

By Drew Stremick

Aug 11, 2022 | 5:50 PM

LETHBRIDGE, AB – Members of all four of Alberta’s defense lawyer associations have decided to provide less services, and extend the length of its job action after a disappointing meeting with Alberta Justice Minister Tyler Shandro, and CEO of Legal Aid Alberta, John Panusa.

In a news release, the Criminal Defence Lawyers Association (Calgary) (CDLA), the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association (Edmonton) (CTLA), the Southern Alberta Defence Lawyers’ Association (SADL), and the Red Deer Criminal Defence Lawyers Association (RDCDLA) say after members began their initial job action on Monday, August 8, 2022, representatives from the organizations met with Shandro and Panusa late that day to discuss Legal Aid Alberta funding. According to the organizations, Minister Shandro, and CEO Panusa refused to recognize that there is a need for additional funding, and they also didn’t offer up any way to resolve the issue.

As a result of what the organizations call a “dismissive” reaction by the Alberta Government, the following actions by members will be extended until September 2, 2022.

Members will refuse legal aid files that would require them to provide the following services:

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