Funeral for Texas public coverage trailblazer and Roe vs. Wade lawyer Sarah Weddington set for Feb. 10

The funeral for Sarah Weddington, a lawyer best known for her role arguing the landmark Roe vs. Wade case before the U.S. Supreme Court has been scheduled at the state cemetery, her family told The Dallas Morning News Wednesday afternoon.

The funeral will be at 1 p.m. on Feb. 10 at the Texas State Cemetery in Austin. The service will be open to the public.

Weddington died on Dec. 26 at the age of 76. Weddington is said to be the youngest person to argue before the Supreme Court at the age of 26, and in 1973 Weddington became the first Travis County woman elected to the 150-member Texas House of Representatives. Weddington was also the first woman to take on the role of general counsel for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in 1977.

Weddington agreed to join Linda Coffee on a case representing Jane Roe, Norma McCorvey, a woman seeking to obtain an abortion. Roe vs. Wade, a milestone case decided in 1973 that legalized abortion nationwide, began in Dallas County as a lawsuit against district attorney Henry Wade.

Weddington was an author and professor for many years. She gave lectures at Texas Woman’s University from 1981 to 1990 as a professor in the department of government and history. She then returned to the University of Texas, where she taught for almost 30 years.

Weddington will be buried “about 50 feet away from” former Texas Gov. Ann Richards, who served as an aide to Weddington in the Texas Legislature. In a memorial article about the death of Richards, Weddington wrote in The Texas Observer that she looked forward to having “great late-night conversations, remembering our battles of the past and celebrating the victories that live after us.”

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