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Armchairs Adelaide: Why Every Adelaide Home Needs One

Incorporating armchairs into Adelaide homes is not just a trend but a lifestyle choice.

Adelaide armchairs are more than just a piece of furniture; they are a symbol of comfort, a place of relaxation, and a reflection of personal style. Coming home after a long day and sinking into your favourite Adelaide armchairs is a small but significant pleasure that homeowners in Adelaide have come to appreciate.

At the heart of many homes in Adelaide, you’ll often find pieces from Reality-Furniture, a local company known for their quality and style. Reality-Furniture offers a wide range of armchairs, each one uniquely designed and crafted to add a touch of elegance and comfort to every Adelaide home.

The beauty of armchairs in Adelaide is not just in their design or the comfort they offer but also in their versatility. They can serve as the focal point in a living room or provide a cozy corner in a bedroom. Whether it’s a leather recliner for a modern minimalist aesthetic or a plush fabric armchair for a traditional homely feel, there’s an armchair to fit every Adelaide home and every personal taste.

Incorporating armchairs into Adelaide homes is not just a trend but a lifestyle choice. It’s about choosing comfort and style but also about supporting local businesses like Reality-Furniture that contribute to the character and economy of the city. So, if your Adelaide home is still missing this essential piece of furniture, it’s time to consider adding that perfect armchair to complete your living space. After all, every Adelaide home needs an armchair, a place to unwind, relax, and just be yourself.

A well-appointed home is not complete without an elegant armchair. The right chair will complement your sofa arrangement and offer a cozy spot for reading or entertaining guests. Choose from a variety of armchairs that are perfect for any room of the house, including contemporary armchairs, classic wingback chairs and modern rocking chairs.

The perfect armchair should provide both visual and tactile comfort. The Adelaide chair is designed with both in mind, with its slim organic lines and satisfying armrest curves. You can personalize the seat, armrests and base to match your aesthetic, with a choice of more than 100 fabrics and leathers.

The Adelaide is available in swivel and rocker versions, and both feature a solid hardwood and bent-laminated frame secured with screws and glued for maximum durability. The swivel version spins 360 degrees and is a favourite at parties for its fun rocking motion, while the rocker model provides soothing lumbar support and makes it a favourite in nurseries (especially when upholstered with easy-to-clean efficiency fabric).

Buying an armchair is a big investment, and you need to make sure it’s the right fit for your space. Toby’s team is here to help, offering advice and recommendations based on our years of experience in the industry. We’ll guide you through the entire process, from choosing your upholstery to arranging delivery and installation. 


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